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Just for Teens

Teen programs are designed for participants ages 13 to 18.

Table of Contents:

  • Babysitting Training
  • Beginning Guitar Lessons
  • Let's Sing Together Voice Class
  • Young Actors Studio
  • NEW! Arts & Creative Enrichment (ACE)
  • NEW! Send Your Kids to the Best College Workshop
  • Carrboro Youth Council (Volunteer Opportunity)

  • NC Big Sweep (Volunteer Opportunity)
  • NEW! - 3-Minute Masterpiece Spooktacular
  • NEW! - Youth Open Mic Night
  • For additional Special Events for families & youth, click here: Special Events


  • Tennis-Adult Beginner (Ages 16 & up)
  • Tennis-Adult Intermediate (Ages 16 & up)
  • Tennis-Youth Beginner (Ages 9-14)
  • Tennis-Youth Intermediate (Ages 9-14)

    For additional athletic programs for Teens, please click here: Athletics

    REC CONNECT -"On Line Registration link"

    Babysitting Training

    This babysitting training course offers first aid and safety training, developmental guidelines and strategies for safely babysitting children ages 2 and up. Participants will receive certification in infant and child CPR basic instruction.

    Instructor: Maria Mekeel

    Course number 9116

    Ages: 11 - 14 Cost: $68

    Date: Friday & Saturday December 6 & 7 *

    *Date Change

    (due to conflict with another event)

    Time: Friday: 4:00-7:00pm
    & Saturday: 9:00-11:00am
    Location: Century Center

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    Beginning Guitar

    Students will learn time and key signatures, note values, scales, chord charts, musical form, and the elements of staff notation. Sight reading melodies and strumming rhythm patterns with open chords is also covered. Students will perform several tunes both individually and in ensembles. Students must supply their own guitar.

    Instructor: Maurice Balk

    Course number 9167

    Ages: 11 -17 Cost: $140

    Date: Mondays, Sep 23 - Dec 2

    (no class 11/11/13)

    Time: 5:30-6:30pm
    Location: Century Center

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    Let's Sing Together Voice Class

    Find your own sound! Develop good technique in a supportive setting with personal attention. Get expert advice on breath control, rhythm, posture, and pitch while singing various styles.

    Instructor: Elizabeth Longman-Berkowitz

    Course number 11534

    Ages: 13-17 Cost: $140

    Date: Tuesdays, Sep 24 - Dec 3

    (no class 11/26/13)

    Time: 5:00 - 6:00pm

    Location: Century Center

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    Young Actors Studio

    This class is designed to tap into your...creative side. Playing mindfully using improv, and directed discoveries to engage an ensemble effort. Characters will emerge, poetry will never be the same - we will work it out! Enjoy this opportunity to work with a professional director who has provided years of guerrilla theatre to New York - from Seuss to Shakespeare.

    Instructor: Maria Piskor

    Course number 11685

    Ages: 11-16 Cost: $55

    Date: Tuesdays, Oct 1 - Nov 12

    (no class 10/22/13)

    Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm

    Location: Century Center

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    NEW! Arts & Creative Enrichment (ACE)

    Find your inner artist! This youth art program uses the practice of Zentangle drawing to engage students in various art forms. Students will develop their creative identity while producing impressive works of art in a fun and supportive environment.

    Instructor: Katie Gulledge

    Course number 11881

    Ages: 9-16 Cost: $85

    Date: Thursdays, Oct 17 - Nov 14

    (no class 10/31/13)

    Time: 4:00 - 6:00pm

    Location: Century Center

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    NEW! - Send Your Kids to the Best College Workshop


    Get your students ready for college by learning what your freshman, sophomore, junior or senior needs to be focusing on right now to get a competitive edge in admissions and increase their chances of being awarded a large scholarship for college. Finally motivate your student to stand up and get excited about applying for college and not make any mistakes they'll later regret! Learn the 7 ingredients that colleges LOVE to see and how to increase your student's chances of getting accepted into their dream college. And learn what to do to if you saved for college in the wrong place or if you haven't saved a single penny for college yet and you're worried what to do.

    FREE - Please call (919) 918-7364 to reserve your space in this workshop!

    Course number 11690

    Ages: 13+ w/ parent Cost: FREE

    Date: Wednesday, October 30

    Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm

    Location: Century Center

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    Carrboro Youth Council

    The Recreation and Parks Department has formed a Youth Council to expand opportunities for youth to be involved through a variety of volunteer opportunities and special event planning. The Youth Council will provide a creative outlet for the youth of the community and provide a voice and input for future recreation programs and events. New members are always welcome!

    Contact (919) 918-7392 for information or to attend the next meeting.

    Ages: 12 - 17 Cost: Free

    Upcoming Meeting Dates:

    September 18

    October 16

    November 20

    Time: 7:00 PM

    **Meetings last 30-40 minutes

    Location: Century Center

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    NC Big Sweep (Volunteer Opportunity)

    North Carolina Big Sweep's purpose is to rid our environment of litter by promoting environmental education and coordinating an annual statewide cleanup. We must have enough volunteers to get the job done. The morning will consist of cleaning up trash and recycling debris left around Carrboro and our parks. Hurry and register today. Adults are welcome to participate! Youth's time and effort will be acknowledged through certificates, and t-shirts as well as service learning hours. Free t-shirts for the first 50 registered participants.

    If you, your family, or group would like to help with the annual cleanup, please contact Julie Collins at (919) 918-7392 or email jcollins@townofcarrboro.org.

    Course numbers 9183

    Ages: 8+ Cost: FREE

    Date: Saturday, October 12

    Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

    Location: Century Center

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    NEW! - 3-Minute Masterpiece Contest

    (click for youtube video on this contest)

    How hard could it be to make a 3 minute short film? We challenge you to find out! The Carrboro Youth Council invites you to shoot a short film of three minutes or less. Here's how it works: Make a film with a Halloween theme that is suitable for a family- audience. It must be three minutes or less. Entries can range from comedies to dramas, live action to animation, silent to talkies.

    Entries must be submitted by flash drive or DVD to the Recreation & Parks Department by Wednesday October 23.

    Contest Entry Form & Guidelines(pdf.)

    Contact jcollins@townofcarrboro.org for official rules and entry form.

    Course numbers 11785

    Ages: 11-18 Cost: Free

    Date: Wednesday, October 23

    Time: Submitted by 5:00pm

    Location: Century Center

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    NEW! Youth Open Mic Night

    Come join this youth-focused and youth led open mic night. This monthly series will feature student poets, singers, musicians, actors, and storytellers from the area. Middle school and high school students are encouraged to come share their artistic talents. Youth Open Mic Night is presented by the Carrboro Youth Council with support from the Recreation & Parks Department. This program is held monthly on the last Sunday of the month.

    No registration required. Contact (919) 918-7392 if you have questions.

    Ages: 10-18 Cost: FREE

    Fall Dates:

    October 27

    November 24

    December 29

    Time: 4:00 - 7:00pm

    Location: Century Center

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    Tennis Classes

    Beginner and Intermediate tennis lessons are offered throughout the year. These lessons will teach participants the fundamentals of tennis including proper grips, ground strokes, serves and volleys. Classes will be on the courts at Wilson Park. Please pre-register with the Recreation and Parks Department.

    Instructor: Ron Rundin

    Tennis - Adult Beginner

    New to tennis, having difficulty developing reliable and repeatable strokes, need to build fitness for better play, wondering how to have purposeful practice? This class may be right for you. We build a good foundation for tennis by addressing the four important areas of focus: stroke techniques, strategy in games, fitness/movement, and concentration/self assessment. You will find out how to improve progressively in way that is good for your body and satisfying for your soul. Bring a racquet.

    Course number 8845

    Ages:16+ Cost: $39/participant
    Dates: Sep 17 - Oct 3 Time: 6:15pm - 7:15pm
    Tuesdays & Thursdays
    (3 weeks)
    Location: Wilson Park

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    Tennis - Adult Intermediate

    To join this class you should have established a good tennis foundation on which to build. Intermediates have reliable and repeatable strokes with a good understanding of the game. This can involve players who (have not played for a number of years or who are strong in some areas, but need help in other areas, and players who have previously taken beginning classes and are highly motivated to improve. We will focus on all essential areas of the game: Stroke techniques, fitness/movement, strategy, mental awareness. You will be shown how to assess you own game and be able to follow a customized program for improvement. Bring your own racket.For players with well-developed skills. Minimum skills: fairly consistent playing at a medium pace and play with some placement and variety. Stroke and fitness drills and individual instruction improve on your skills and learn to use spin, ball control, and team-work in doubles. Error detection and correction will help smooth out the rough edges. Self-awareness, understanding professional strokes, and developing your own style will be emphasized. More advanced players are welcome as well. Students may continue to practice together after/between classes.

    Course number 8848

    Ages: 16+ Cost: $39/participant

    Dates: Oct 15 - Nov 5

    (no class 10/31/13)

    Time: 6:15pm - 7:15pm
    Tuesdays & Thursdays (3 weeks)
    Location: Wilson Park

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    Tennis - Youth Beginner

    Anyone interested in learning tennis is welcome to this fun, focused, and fitness oriented class. Professional stroke instruction, understanding strategy, learning tennis movement, and applying mental awareness are taught as the building blocks for your steady improvement. Even if you have good tennis experience you can benefit from the group and individual attention, game practice, and challenging practice drills. Please bring a racquet that is age/size appropriate. Bring a racquet.

    Course numbers 8854 & 9652

    Ages: 9 - 14 Cost: $39/participant


    Session #1: Sep 17 - Oct 3

    Session #2: Nov 14 - Dec 5

    Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
    Tuesdays & Thursdays (3 weeks)
    Location: Wilson Park

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    Tennis - Youth Intermediate

    To enroll you must have 'basic' skills to rally with some consistency. Continue to develop your game by learning to swing like the pros. Learn to hit with variety, spins, and with game know-how. Stroke correction will help remove weaknesses and build confidence. Develop the ability to observe your own play, improve, and make the most of your skills.

    Course numbers 8849 & 9647

    Ages: 9-14 Cost: $39/participant


    Session #1: Oct 15 - Nov 5

    Session #2: Nov 14 - Dec 5


    Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

    Time: 6:15pm - 7:15pm

    Tuesdays & Thursdays (3 weeks)
    Location: Wilson Park

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    REC CONNECT -"On Line Registration link"

    Much of the vitality of life in Carrboro is due to the active involvement of citizens in the community. Volunteers of all ages regularly share their talents, skills, and ideas by planning or assisting with large events, serving on town advisory boards, or coaching a youth sports team. While some activities require the contribution of many hours others call for only a few hours of time. Not only can you share your talents, you can have fun, make new friends and discover more about your town.


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